Security Hut

Security is important for protecting people and property. Security services should be visible and formal with their own space. 

The Concern

As we open the Nkabom Centre and all of the programs that will run there, it is imperative that we stay aware of who is coming and going and that we have a resource to call someone if an injury occurs. As Okurase opens its arms to people from other villages and other areas of the country, it is important to have someone to watch over all the people and property to assure that all are cared for well. The Nkabom Centre has security personnel but needs a building for them to operate from. 

The Security Hut Building

Security Hut/Caretaker

The Nkabom Centre currently has security personnel who walk the grounds but a building is needed to formalize security. At the front of the Centre a security hut will be built. This building will allow for guest and student check in and out and for sleeping quarters for security services that are around-the-clock. Clemson students have developed the architectural design for this building.


With security being formal and visible, we believe that possible crime will be discouraged at the Nkabom Centre. Security will also be another set of eyes on our children to make sure they are well protected.

Way Forward

As soon as funds are available, we expect to build the Nkabom Centre Security Hut at the front of the property. With the completion of the Vocational School building, the Security Hut is the next prioritized construction project at the Nkabom Centre.

How You Can Help

If you have a heart for security and would like to help us get started with this building, help us raise funds, suggest where we might find funding, and come and work hand-in-hand with the community. All of our building is done locally.