Education and Technology

For many years Project OKURASE has raised the funds to cover school fees for children and youth in the village. 

The Concern

Many children have a strong desire to attend school and finish their education. A large barrier to even attending is lack of funds for school uniforms, shoes, and school fees. Girls are less likely to be able to attend than boys so they need strong support.

The Educational Scholarship Fund Program

Project OKURASE has established an Educational Scholarship Fund. We award our scholarships in early summer for the following school year. There is an application process and parents and students must be involved in the process. If a student is awarded a scholarship, it is our desire to fund them each year until they graduate from Senior High School providing we have funds available and they maintain their grades and give back as agreed to when they were awarded the scholarship. When possible, we will also try to support education after Senior High School.

Meet Our Scholarship Students

Meet Our First Graduate from Senior High


Operating a program to cover school fees for students who would never be able to pay those fees on their own has allowed an education for those in the program. We work to keep school fee donations going so that those who start in the program can continue their education all the way through to completion of at least senior high.

Way Forward

For the future we would like to cover at least partial school fees of some of children attending Nkabom Sundrops Montessori. We hope to expand our school fee program overall.

How You Can Help

You can help by donating to our school fee program. If you choose a student you would like to support, we will work to keep you posted on that student’s progress. We do not advocate school fees for the sake of school fees. We require regular school attendance and passing grades.