To be successful, the Nkabom Centre must have the appropriate infrastructure to support a large community centre.

The Concern

The Nkabom Centre land does not currently have a good road for access from the main road that runs through the center of Okurase. In addition, we need to ensure adequate bathroom facilities, access to safe water, basic lighting and security.

The Infrastructure for the Nkabom Center

We are actively working on the infrastructure to support the Nkabom Centre. With the first building opening in 2017, we are focused on the following key areas:

  1. Bathrooms - We have almost completed the initial bathroom facilities for the Nkabom Centre. We are just waiting for the water to be made available in order to complete our testing.
  2. Lighting - Nkabom Centre is wired for electricity and it has been successfully tested. We are working toward funding a generator for the times when the electricity is not available and power is needed. 
  3. Access Road - An engineering student from University of Texas at Tyler visited Okurase in the summer of 2016 and investigated the road considerations. There is currently a wide but uneven path to the Nkabom Centre. It is difficult for even a 4 wheel vehicle to navigate. The village has not had the support of the local government to build a road. Therefore, we are considering just grading the current path to make a road that is even enough for a regular car to pass without hitting it's bottom.
  4. Access to Safe Water
  5. Landscaping for safety and usability
  6. Boundary Wall/Coconut Trees


Providing this basic infrastructure for the Nkabom Centre will not only make the Nkabom Centre safer and more usable for the village residents but it will provide the opportunity to teach by example the importance of proper infrastructure for day to day living. 

Way Forward

We will be working with the Village Elders to keep in contact with the government to see if we can get a road built from the main road in Okurase to the Nkabom Centre. 

How You Can Help

Infrastructure is not the most fun part of any project but it is usually critical to it's success. We would appreciate any donation of time or money toward the completion of this very important piece of the Nkabom Centre puzzle.