Nkabom Cultural Troupe

The Nkabom Children’s Cultural Troupe is a professional children’s group that was founded in the village of Okurase and has operated for 9 years. 

The Concern

Although music and dance in rural villages are daily life, few children have the opportunity to engage in a structured group that performs and rises to a professional level. Sharing local culture is critical to the people of Ghana.

Nkabom Cultural Dance Troupe

The Nkabom Children’s Cultural Troupe was formed in 2008 by Samuel Nkrumah “Powerful” Yeboah. The vision in bringing the children together was for them to tell stories of their community and share African dance, drumming, and culture around Ghana a around the world. A second goal was to give the children a direction in life. Nkabom is from the Twi language meaning bringing together. Today, Nkabom Children’s Cultural Troupe is a highly skilled professional company including thirty children. They have performed in Okurase, other cities in the eastern region, Accra, and Kokrobite. They have performed for TV 3 and at the Arts and Cultural Centre in Accra. The children are required to attend and do well in school. They train under the guidance of Powerful and their teachers, Joe, Atta, and Edoe.


The benefits of traditional African dance and drumming are vast. Such activities support positive health and provide a strong cultural connection that will follow the children through their lifespan. In addition, rising to a professional level gives the children an opportunity to grow up with skills that lead them to employment. Aside from individual benefits, cultural events such as those the children conduct foster community cohesion and pride.

Way Forward

The Nkabom Children’s Cultural Troupe is ready to travel further in Ghana, to other countries in Africa and beyond the continent.

How You Can Help

You can help the children move forward on their goals by inviting them to conduct paid performances.  You could also support funds for costumes and supplies.