The main focus of our Education and Technology Objective is to establish a skills and vocational training program and nursery to senior high school integrated with technology to increase educational opportunities.

"Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world."         Nelson Mandela 

The Concern

The people of Okurase are aware of the importance of education to well-being and job attainment. However, historically, children and adults in Okurase have had little opportunity to receive an education. In part, educational opportunities are limited by not enough schools to serve the large number of children in the village and no senior high or vocational training. But there are other challenges such as affording school fees, not having proper shoes or uniforms, the need for some children to help the family work for survival. Families have often had to choose between school fees and food.  Importantly, until recently children in the village had not been exposed to computers or internet technology. Their knowledge of electronics was restricted to mobile phones, which are common in Ghana. However, mobile phones are not generally used for apps to support education but strictly for communication when phone credits are affordable. With great frustration, in the realm of testing, the students in Okurase were expected to compete with students in Accra who have access to computers for testing. Our education and technology programs are designed to meet the basics such as the need for school fees to allow access to education to the more advanced needs of computer and internet technology to allow students to compute in a global society.

Current Education and Technology Programs

Other Considerations

ORGANIC GARDENING EDUCATION - In January 2017, a quarter acre organic garden was built on the site of the Nkabom Centre Vocational School. The purpose of the garden is to increase nutrition in the village and eliminate the use of strong and harmful chemicals in farming. A purpose pertinent to education is the use of the garden to teach children at the Montessori school and vocational school about raising their own foods organically.

COMPLETING AN INDEPENDENT ON-LINE EDUCATION - Some adults who were not given the opportunity to complete an education may decide to enroll in on-line classes and complete the classes independently in our electronic classroom.

How You Can Help

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