We are always looking for qualified Interns who can spend time with us to help us move our programs forward. Our Interns have provided valuable support to many of our projects. A list of currently available Internships is below. 

May 2016 quote from Intern Eden Katz

Eden Katz and Okurase Friend

"My experience volunteering and working for Project OKURASE was by far the most fulfilling and worthwhile pursuit of my four years at the College of Charleston. I progressed from volunteering on the Village Health Outreach in 2013 to helping plan, prepare, and organize the clinic in 2014. I researched and wrote a proposal for waste management and then outlined a recycling program based on this proposal. I learned the day to day functioning of a non-profit and researched projects varying from biogas toilets to satellite Internet. Most importantly, I watched the organization grow over the course of four years and watched myself grow with it. Prior to my work with Project OKURASE, my volunteer experiences had been brief, ending after a few weeks or a few months and not giving me the opportunity to make a significant difference. Project Okurase is special. They give their volunteers the opportunity to make a real impact on the organization, the people in Okurase, and themselves. It has been such an honor to devote my time to an organization as worthy as Project OKURASE."

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Internships Currently Available

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