African Marketplace

The purpose of our African Marketplace is to provide an outlet for local artists to sell their crafts to make a living. 

The Concern

Many artists in Ghana, especially in rural areas, produce very beautiful product but they are unable to sell them due to challenges with marketing, networking, and sometimes basic transportation difficulties. As a result they cannot make a viable living from their trade. For those who do find an outlet in foreign markets, it is common for the purchaser to give the artists very little money and then in turn go and make a lot of money themselves that does not come back into Ghana. Bargaining artists down to not enough money to live off of is not helpful. Artists forced to sell in this way are no better off than if they were not working at all.

The African Marketplace Program

Project OKURASE helps local artists make a fair living and uses remaining profits to support the building of the Nkabom Centre and running of Project OKURASE programs. No foreign entities make a living from our African Marketplace.

There are a number of ways we help artists. We offer guidance on quality control for products we order or purchase. We pay the artist directly a good fair market price and the remaining funds are 100% used for Project OKURASE programs. The only living that is covered from the Marketplace is that of local artists.  We help artists sell locally and internationally. Artists who show good quality in their work are in line to be teachers in the Nkabom Vocational Training Institute.

  • African Basket
    African Basket

    Here is an example of an item we sell. These African Baskets are made in Ghana. We pay the basket maker directly a good fair market price and the remaining funds are 100% used for Project OKURASE programs.


Benefits from our African Marketplace are strictly for the artist who produced the product and for the village of Okurase.

Way Forward

As we open the Nkabom Vocational Training Institute, we expect to expand our product line and hire as teachers local artists who show good quality control.

How You Can Help

You can help by purchasing our product for your own individual use or for gifts for family or friends. In addition, you can talk to us about a fundraiser for your group or school where you sell our African Marketplace product (e.g., baskets, clothing, jewelry) and keep a share of the profit (after the artist is paid fairly) for your group’s fundraising goal.