Solo Volunteers

Volunteers are integral to our organization. We love our volunteers from around the world!

Everyone brings a unique set of skills. We need volunteers who can come to Okurase and work on our programs as well as volunteers who can help us from where they are with marketing, technology, fundraising and many other activities that keep us busy everyday.

Meet Two Volunteers

David and Tanya Lindsay with Kingsford

We are so glad that David and Tanya Lindsay found Project OKURASE and came to volunteer in Okurase. They helped in so many ways with music, technology, education and the children. The people of Okurase, especially the children, will talk about you forever and one boy in particular, Kingsford, (and his family) has a very changed life and life trajectory.  You are incredibly special people and we can't thank you enough for your time in Okurase.

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Some Ways to Volunteer

  • Help with Construction at the Nkabom Centre - Location: Okurase, Ghana
  • Conduct Reading Lessons in the Okurase Library - Location: Okurase, Ghana
  • Mentor Teachers from the Local Schools - Location: Okurase, Ghana
  • Teach Computer/Networking Skills - Location: Okurase, Ghana
  • Help with Marketing Activities - Location: Anywhere
  • Be an Administrative Assistant - Location: Anywhere
  • Help with a Fundraiser - Location: Anywhere
  • Work on Our Social Media Plan - Location: Anywhere
  • Special Events Community Outreach - Location: Anywhere

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