Visit Okurase

Please come visit us in Okurase! It's the community driven nature of our work and the personal relationships that you will experience that sets a visit to Okurase apart.

You will stay right in the village with us. You will see the challenges that the people of Okurase face everyday and help them work on some of them. You will learn about their customs, history, language and art and you will share yours. They will dance, drum and work their way into your hearts. It's the partnership between you and the people of Okurase that provides a brighter future for all involved. It's a wonderful experience and we hope to see you in Okurase soon.

A key underlying principle of Project OKURASE is the recognition that the people of the village know what is best for improving their lives and how to attain sustainability. Thus, all programs are locally determined and locally led. Outside collaborators offer assistance with resources and ideas for implementation. While outside collaborators are respected and valued, the elders and leaders who live in the village have the ultimate authority about whether a program will be initiated and how it will be adapted to the culture of the village. Using this model, the majority of projects to date have occurred after discussion with village leaders and as resources or expertise have become available.

Ways to Visit Okurase