Extended Family

We appreciate all the individuals, organizations and groups who have helped Project OKURASE and the people of Okurase. Thank You!


Since the beginning of Project OKURASE, many individuals from around the world have made donations and contributions that have made it possible for us to meet our objectives and change and save lives. We are grateful beyond words for all the people involved.

Organizations and Groups

Following is a list of organizations or groups that have been or are currently involved with Project OKURASE:

United States
  • Amanda’s Fund – Raised money to hire Water Missions International to develop a safe water system in Okurase that opened in January 2014.
  • United Support of Artists for Africa – Grantor for several small projects.
  • National Christian Foundation – Funds for medical care and towards building the skills training school.
  • The Citadel – Faculty visit to the village.
  • Church of the Holy Cross – Donated funds for medicines and shipping.
  • John’s Island Church of Christ – Donated clothing and medical supplies to Okurase for the annual Village Health Outreach.
  • Clemson University – Internship program with Project OKURASE; Community-based Project – produced architectural design for the Nkabom Centre and made brickmaking machines.
  • College of Charleston – Internship program with Project OKURASE and Community-based Projects in Ghana – provided course credit for high school and college service learners in Okurase.
  • Medical University of South Carolina – The Global Center has funded 2 faculty research grants. In addition, it has funded 6 travel grants for service trips by medical students and residents; university president funded a photo exhibition with images of the village by Gerald Bybee from Sebastopol, California - the exhibition is on permanent display at the Medical University.
  • La Jolla Country Day School – Community-based projects in Okurase – worked with the village to build an electronic classroom.
  • Minnehaha Academy – Community-based projects Okurase – worked with the village to implement a recycling program.
  • Miami Valley School of Dayton, Ohio – Community-based projects in Ghana, raised money to bring an Okurase village child going blind to be treated in the U.S.; Raised funds for Nkabom Children’s Cultural Troupe to conduct a tour in the U.S.
  • Possibilities without Borders – Student organization at the College of Charleston that held a fundraiser for Project OKURASE to help support the work of students going to Ghana.
  • Gethsemani Circle of Friends – Nonprofit fiscal agent until Project OKURASE attained 501 c3 status, also raised funds for Project OKURASE.
  • Gethsemani Quilters – African American women quilter’s group that has made quilts for orphans and vulnerable children in Okurase for 7 years. They traveled to Okurase 2 years ago and taught a week-long quilting class to women.
  • Djole African Dance and Drum Company – Children’s dance company in Charleston, SC that raised funds for school fees and medicines for children in Okurase.
  • The Charleston, SC Chapter of The Links, Incorporated – African American women’s service organization that held various drives to donate items for Okurase programs – such as the sewing centre, health outreach.
  • Baker Seeds – Donated seeds to allow us to develop an organic community garden.
  • Pedals for Progress – A nonprofit in New Jersey that donated bicycles and sewing machines to Okurase.
  • Gerald Bybee Studios, Sebastopol, California – Volunteered his services to develop an exhibition of images of the village for the Medical University of South Carolina.
  • Congresswoman Barbara Lee – Wrote letters of support and presented Project OKURASE to the Congressional Black Caucus. Led to a visit with Congressman Clyburn.
  • Rhion Magee, Creative Director of DreamWorks Animation, Los Angeles California – Designed early marketing materials and developed the design for what is now the Okurase market bag that is made in the village.
  • Chris Wilson of Moving Pictures, Inc., Charlotte, North Carolina – Volunteer filmmaker who created some short videos for Okurase.
  • Mayor Joseph Riley of Charleston – Declared January 22, 2013 Project OKURASE day and has been supportive in encouraging Charleston to be involved with Okurase.
  • Mason Preparatory School – Helped design a science class for Okurase children. Donated clothing.
  • Water Missions International – Hired by Project OKURASE to develop a safe water system in the village.
  • Royal Keep Fit Club – Helps with cleaning job site and fitness events at time of the annual Village Health Outreach.
  • Action Keep Fit Club – Helps with cleaning job site and fitness events at time of the annual Village Health Outreach.
  • The Lincoln School – Accra Ghana – Service learning project in Okurase.
  • Okurase Keep Fit Club in Okurase – Organizes a run for the startup of every annual Village Health Outreach.
  • Canadian Business Association in Ghana; His Excellency Alhaji Nantogma Abdulai – Donation of supplies for digging trenches.
  • African Women’s Development Fund – Grantor – 2 small grants.
  • Adeiso Health Centre – Supports the annual Village Health Outreach medical clinic; provides medical services to volunteers as needed.
  • The Churches of Okurase – Provide fresh vegetables to feed volunteers at the annual Village Health Outreach.
  • Sight for Africa in Accra – Helped with vision care at the annual Village Health Outreach.
  • OIC International in Accra – Grantor – a feeding grant for Okurase orphans and vulnerable children.
  • Peace Corps, Ghana – Volunteer helped with our Village Health Outreach.
  • ACTS in Afrika – Volunteer medical support of our annual Village Health Outreach.
  • Infanta Malaria – Volunteer medical support of our annual Village Health Outreach.
  • Nkabom Artists and Craftspeople Association – Volunteer support of all Project OKURASE events.
  • Alero Olympio Trust – Loaned Project OKURASE a brickmaking machine that allowed the startup of the first skills training program in brickmaking.
  • Ataa Lartey and the Street Children’s Academy in Accra – Artistic support of Project OKURASE events.
  • Abibata Mahama, Filmmaker in Accra – Volunteer support of filming for a fruit drying project.
United Kingdom
  • Mayor’s Office, Totnes, Devon, UK – Held a fundraiser for Project OKURASE.
  • Unity Train – an African drumming and dance group in the UK – Held fundraisers for Project OKURASE.
  • North Devon Respect Music Festival – Used some proceeds from the festival to help put a roof on the skills training school.
  • University of Leeds, UK – Sent student service learners.
  • Grove School – A primary school in Devon, UK that held a fundraiser for Project OKURASE.
  • Dr. Dominique Chadwick and Patrick Chadwick, Filmmakers from Cambridge, England – Volunteer filmmakers for a women’s fruit drying project in Okurase.
Other Countries
  • Ambassadors Club Westland – Belgium – Men’s civic club that held a fundraiser to help with building the skills training school.
  • American International School in Riyadh — Saudi Arabia – Community-based projects in Okurase.