Nkabom World Music and Culture Festival

The 2nd Annual Nkabom World Music and Culture Festival

was held in the Village of Okurase, Ghana in West Africa on August 4-5, 2018. We explored music from around the world with fellow artists and all those that appreciate music. The Festival is a way for musicians and performance artists to expand their outlook in an environment that has a timeless tradition of supporting and fostering arts and cultural traditions.

Interested Artists/Performers

If you are an artist/performer and are interested in being part of a future World Music and Culture Festival, please get in contact with us.

The Festival

Nkabom means “unity” in the Twi language. The Nkabom World Music and Culture Festival is a way to create connections between many cultures through music and performance art. Artists throughout Ghana and beyond will come together, creating opportunities for never-before-heard conglomerations of rhythm, melody and production. These artists from different backgrounds and genres will find a welcoming and safe place to share their love of music, culture and community. The artists will perform sets on the main stage throughout the two days, as well as host musical and cultural workshops and clinics. The Festival will be held in the village of Okurase, Ghana, Upper West Akyem District of the Eastern Region of West Africa about two hours from Accra, the capitol of Ghana. 

Awesome 2017

The 2017 Nkabom World Music and Culture Festival was a huge success - over two hundred artists performed and over three thousand people from around Ghana and other countries were in attendance. The event brought people from all walks of life and allowed for an incredibly diverse range of artistry: traditional drum and dance companies, contemporary children's hip-hop dance groups, break dancers, acrobats, BMX bicycle and unicycle demonstrations, reggae artists, Capoeira, story tellers and folklore, and some amazing young and old rap / hip-hop artists - with lyrics in both English as well as the local Twi and Ewe languages!

The Organizers

Organizers Daniel Scruggs and Samuel Yeboah

The Nkabom World Music and Culture Festival is a program of Project OKURASE, a registered NGO in Ghana, West Africa and a 501 C3 non-profit based in the United States. The Festival has the blessing and support of Okurase Chief Barima Twum Ampofo IV, and Okurase Chief of Development and Master Drummer, Samuel “Powerful” Yeboah. The Nkabom Cultural Dance Troupe will be participating in the Festival. The Festival is an opportunity to raise regional and international awareness for Project OKURASE and the Music Resource Center in Okurase. 

How You Can Help

The Nkabom World Music and Culture Festival is a free community show - this gives an opportunity for talented and hardworking artists to perform, collaborate and learn in a supportive, professional and international stage.

All funds are generated through donations to support this vision. All who are involved with the creation, management and delivery of the Festival are volunteering their time, skills and experience.

It is necessary for us to raise funds to cover the cost of stage logistics (equipment, power supply, infrastructure), lodging, food and transportation and honest compensation for artists.  Any additional funds will be used for educational and playable equipment for the Music Resource Center.

Nkabom World Music and Culture Festival 2017