The main focus of our Water and Sanitation Objective is to maintain a safe, clean water system and identify and implement a sustainable toilet system. We also want to establish a pattern of environmental cleanliness.

The Concern

Unsafe water in the village of Okurase has been a primary concern. In addition, there are few toilets. As in many African villages, open defecation is the only option. Flying toilets (use of a plastic bag as a toilet that is thrown on a rubbish heap or in the bush) are common. The health problems from such practices are immense. This and other refuse has created several mountains of rubbish in Okurase, which spawns disease. The Village Chief and Elders as well as all the people of Okurase are interested and committed to finding a solution to these key issues.

Current Water and Sanitation Programs

We are currently working on two main programs to address these concerns

Other Considerations

In addition to our two current programs, we are working to establish a pattern of environmental cleanliness in Okurase.

Okurase Recycles - Recent initiatives to recycle plastic in Ghana have promoted the capacity for Okurase to start a plastic recycling program. In March 2016, students from Minnehaha Academy in Minneapolis, Minnesota worked with the village schools and elders to launch – DI WO MANTEM NI – OKURASE RECYCLES. Recycling bins were placed in the schools, at the Marketplace and throughout the community with stickers denoting the name of the program. The program name and logo were developed jointly by Okurase and the students. The Minnehaha students and teachers worked together to provide information to children about recycling. Information was also given out around the community. Recycling is a challenge in a rural village with little support from outside the village but Project OKURASE continues to encourage the village to work on it.

Waste Mountain Removal - Historically there has been no system to manage rubbish in Okurase. Six sites were designated to store rubbish and over time these sights have developed into mountains that are higher than homes in Okurase. They have created a health hazard. We estimated the cost of removing two of the waste mountains. It was very costly. We will continue to try and get the government to remove the waste mountains. Once the waste mountains are removed, we will work with Okurase to re-purpose the land with parks, playgrounds, and soccer fields to break the habit of using that area for waste. In the meantime, a large trash bin was placed at the Marketplace to manage day-to-day rubbish in order to stop the use of the waste mountains.

Rainwater Harvesting - The design of the Nkabom Centre includes a system for harvesting and storing rainwater from the 16 buildings to be built.  The design is complete. Now the funds are needed to move forward.

How You Can Help

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